Saturday, February 26, 2011

Make someone happy :)

# Smile at them. Learn how to have a real smile, and care about people.

# Tell them a funny joke. Inside jokes work really well, especially if it is something only between the two of you. Learn how to make them laugh.

# Find something funny online that you know they'll like and send it to them in an email.

# Compliment them sincerely. Tell them something you love about them.

# Invite them to do something fun with you. Go bowling, swimming, or something else fun and active.

# Pick a dandelion or blade of grass and give it to them. Say things such as, “I got this especially for you!”

# Listen to them. Try to understand their thoughts and be in their shoes. This shows you care and love them, whether they may appreciate it or not. Be there. They will come to realize what a friend you've been.

# Try not to insult them with some of your 'compliments'. That could lead to more sadness.

# Hug the person. If you have an open relationship with someone, a warm and affectionate hug can lift the spirits and bring a sense of joy and community.

# Give a gift. Take the time out to pick out a special gift that is suitable for the person. The more thought you put into the gift, the better it is from the point of being an expression of positive energy.

# Spend quality time with the person. Plan for an event or simply time together in which you share precious moments on this world in each other's company.

# Constantly remind the person how much you value them, but don't go too overboard. Positive affirmations to others can help build the bridge of friendship and trust. Never use sarcasm though, as sarcasm is the biggest turn-off when it comes to building strong bonds with people.

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It's hard to please everybody,
but it worth trying~~~

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