Saturday, January 29, 2011

Plastic code and bottles properties

Just to share some info

Have you ever seen those symbols / codes???

Do you know what are the meaning of those symbols / codes???

if not, see the following table:
if yes, just have a look...hehe

picture source :

Friday, January 28, 2011

Survey on dengue fever awareness

Just helping a good friend of mine ~ Natasha,
*assistant ak mse kt KMM ~ h3p4
to promote a research that she's been doing,
particularly about:-


click here for the survey..

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nikmatnye sihat

Assalamualaikum semua,
ape khabar???

da lame xupdate blog,
sume sbb lately ni immune sys badan diserang oleh unknowned bac/virus
menyebabkan saya, kedemaman + keselesemaan + kesakit-tekakan ,
dan sekarang kebatukan,
hadooiiyaii...sabar je r...

tesis pon da banyk delay,
dgn proposal x fully approved lg,
mesti Dr Rozi mara,
tambah lagi, dis week xjumpe dia lg pon,
..haihh..nak buat alasan ape nih (-__-)?

btw, spnjang tyme xsihat nih,
bnyk r dok google pasal... "what actually happen during cold fever??"
sje r nak tau,

rupe2nye, smase badan kita tgh panas (demam),
actually, ia melemahkan mekanisme bac/virus yg invade,
sel darah putih memainkan peranan...
*teringat mse blajar bio kat skula & matrik... ade beberape video yg nak dishare bersama,
tgk ye...

youtube search: White Blood Cell Chases Bacteria

youtube search: 3D Medical Animation: Antibody Immune Response

untuk renungn bersama:
Sabda Rasulullah saw, “Ada dua nikmat yang selalu disia-siakan, iaitu nikmat sihat dan waktu lapang.” [HR Bukhari]

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bicara Ad-din Penghijrahan Cinta

Dikesesempatan ini,
nak buat sedikit promosi,
terhadap satu forum yg akan diadakan di UKM,
yg bertajuk :

Bicara Ad-din ~ Penghijrahan Cinta.

butiran lanjut lihat poster dibawah

member suruh promote ~~~

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Exercise your brain

Exercise your brain = Power brain :P

The Female Brain

The Male Brain

The Brain structure

These are some of the ways recommended by wikihow

1.Do games and puzzles such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku and Scrabble.

2.Read often, with a lot of different types of books. Take a magazine and dedicate specific time to it. Read the newspaper. Set your computer homepage to bring up news items of particular interest to you. Read them each time you open the computer.

3.Play computer brain games, such as Brain Age for Nintendo DS.

4.Meditate often. Take calm, deep breaths. Your brain (and entire body) needs lots of fresh air.

5.Eat foods containing omega fatty acids (known to boost intellectual stamina) such as flax and hemp seeds, and fish.

6.Perform math functions regularly.

7.Learn new words from a word a day calendar or dictionary.

8.Use your left hand if you are right handed, and reverse, to exercise the opposite side of the brain.

9.Mess around with a twisty puzzle.

10.Learn to read and play music (classical music is known to have the best effects.)

11.Consider the different possibilities of how something could've gone, and explore these consequences. This improves creativity.

12.When trying to learn something or review for a quiz, listen to your favorite song on repeat.

13.Avoid watching TV for hours; solve puzzles while watching TV to increase multitasking.

14.Never avoid breakfast, it's essential for your brain to function efficiently.

15.Imagine the fourth dimension of an object. (We can see three sides at a time, 3 dimensions, so imagine seeing four sides of an object such as a cube.)


picture source :

Algorithm - Entrepreneurship

Yesterday was okay,
classess were normal,
nothing much different from previous sem,
except for this time i waited bus at KDO bustop..:P

i took 10.30am Zone 3 bus.
while in the bus,
i managed to snap few of my coursemate from the inside,

check this out!!!



Nisa & Mala

and last but not least, Nani
enough with that.

During Algorithm class,
Dr Sufian taught about formal & informal definition,
which im a bit LOST,
bcoz i didnt revise it b4,
& so im screwed with that...
Lucky Atin came & seat beside me,
*at least i have backup from Atin..hehe

this is how the class looks like

quite packed... with the presence of international students from China...

at 3pm,
i had Entrepreneurship class,
by Dr Zamri.
His lecture was really sempoi,
in the sense that,
he didnt even use a single slide to give lecture
i still remember what he said,
"we do not know the future"
thus, dont jugde people for what there are now.

and during lec,
Hedy offered me his newly bought hp,
which i used it for

updating my tweet,


& blogging,

class ended at 4.30pm...:)