Saturday, February 26, 2011

Make someone happy :)

# Smile at them. Learn how to have a real smile, and care about people.

# Tell them a funny joke. Inside jokes work really well, especially if it is something only between the two of you. Learn how to make them laugh.

# Find something funny online that you know they'll like and send it to them in an email.

# Compliment them sincerely. Tell them something you love about them.

# Invite them to do something fun with you. Go bowling, swimming, or something else fun and active.

# Pick a dandelion or blade of grass and give it to them. Say things such as, “I got this especially for you!”

# Listen to them. Try to understand their thoughts and be in their shoes. This shows you care and love them, whether they may appreciate it or not. Be there. They will come to realize what a friend you've been.

# Try not to insult them with some of your 'compliments'. That could lead to more sadness.

# Hug the person. If you have an open relationship with someone, a warm and affectionate hug can lift the spirits and bring a sense of joy and community.

# Give a gift. Take the time out to pick out a special gift that is suitable for the person. The more thought you put into the gift, the better it is from the point of being an expression of positive energy.

# Spend quality time with the person. Plan for an event or simply time together in which you share precious moments on this world in each other's company.

# Constantly remind the person how much you value them, but don't go too overboard. Positive affirmations to others can help build the bridge of friendship and trust. Never use sarcasm though, as sarcasm is the biggest turn-off when it comes to building strong bonds with people.

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It's hard to please everybody,
but it worth trying~~~

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Story of Prophet Muhammad SAW [pt1]

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Islamic quotes

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gaining weight is not that easy

How to gain weight ?
simply by reducing your metabolism rate~~~

How to reduce when you are Hyperthyroidism?
perhaps, the tips below could help.

# Eat before bedtime …
The calories will be stores as we sleep.

# Decrease sleep a bit …
Just cut half an hour a day and your metabolism will become a bit slower.

# More caffeine
If you do not have any cardio-vascular health problems, you might give this a shot.

# Wait until you get older …
As one ages, the slower the metabolism gets.

# Vitamins
There are certain vitamins out there - Flintstones vitamins with iron pound.

# Less protein …
When you eat a lot of protein, it can speed up your metabolism. So, lets try the opposite way.

# No cold water …
When you drink cold water it speeds up your metabolism, so you should avoid cold water

# Eat fewer eggs …
Eggs give a faster metabolism, avoid it

# Exercise LESS intensely …
In order to get a slower metabolism, you may want to cut down on the activity significantly.But don’t give up completely, you body needs to exercise!

# Avoid metabolic activating foods …
like Spices -rempah

# Foods that slow the metabolism …
Those foods include fatty foods, junk foods and foods that are high in carbohydrates.

# Increase the caloric intake …
Foods that are high in calories is a metabolic nightmare.

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Being skinny it's NOT something to be ashamed of,
it should be something that makes you more thankful & grateful as what u're.
"when u love your body, your body will love u, & u'll feel good ~~~"
i guess (-_-)' ~ reka2 jer.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kenduri kakak Farid - photo

Event: Farid sis's wed
Date: 5th feb 2011, Saturday
Featuring: Ruby, Naz, Adib, Razwan, Asrul, AcapKhalid, Farid & me


p/s: lambt update, i've been bz lately~~~