Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gaining weight is not that easy

How to gain weight ?
simply by reducing your metabolism rate~~~

How to reduce when you are Hyperthyroidism?
perhaps, the tips below could help.

# Eat before bedtime …
The calories will be stores as we sleep.

# Decrease sleep a bit …
Just cut half an hour a day and your metabolism will become a bit slower.

# More caffeine
If you do not have any cardio-vascular health problems, you might give this a shot.

# Wait until you get older …
As one ages, the slower the metabolism gets.

# Vitamins
There are certain vitamins out there - Flintstones vitamins with iron pound.

# Less protein …
When you eat a lot of protein, it can speed up your metabolism. So, lets try the opposite way.

# No cold water …
When you drink cold water it speeds up your metabolism, so you should avoid cold water

# Eat fewer eggs …
Eggs give a faster metabolism, avoid it

# Exercise LESS intensely …
In order to get a slower metabolism, you may want to cut down on the activity significantly.But don’t give up completely, you body needs to exercise!

# Avoid metabolic activating foods …
like Spices -rempah

# Foods that slow the metabolism …
Those foods include fatty foods, junk foods and foods that are high in carbohydrates.

# Increase the caloric intake …
Foods that are high in calories is a metabolic nightmare.

source: here

Being skinny it's NOT something to be ashamed of,
it should be something that makes you more thankful & grateful as what u're.
"when u love your body, your body will love u, & u'll feel good ~~~"
i guess (-_-)' ~ reka2 jer.

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