Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Algorithm - Entrepreneurship

Yesterday was okay,
classess were normal,
nothing much different from previous sem,
except for this time i waited bus at KDO bustop..:P

i took 10.30am Zone 3 bus.
while in the bus,
i managed to snap few of my coursemate from the inside,

check this out!!!



Nisa & Mala

and last but not least, Nani
enough with that.

During Algorithm class,
Dr Sufian taught about formal & informal definition,
which im a bit LOST,
bcoz i didnt revise it b4,
& so im screwed with that...
Lucky Atin came & seat beside me,
*at least i have backup from Atin..hehe

this is how the class looks like

quite packed... with the presence of international students from China...

at 3pm,
i had Entrepreneurship class,
by Dr Zamri.
His lecture was really sempoi,
in the sense that,
he didnt even use a single slide to give lecture
i still remember what he said,
"we do not know the future"
thus, dont jugde people for what there are now.

and during lec,
Hedy offered me his newly bought hp,
which i used it for

updating my tweet,


& blogging,

class ended at 4.30pm...:)


M!$$ LaVeNdeR said...

ade paparazi yer d cni..~
good job!

@ch@p said...

nisa... ak sje jer... xde mende nak post..hehe *n lgipon nak back-up gambo ~ precious momemnt...ahaks