Friday, October 29, 2010

Get fit in 5 days...boleh ke ???

for me
maybe it sounds impossible
*those who know me well....will agree

im not an athlete or even sportsman type,
dont have those muscular muscles & stuff,

many will find it awkward 2 see me @ gym,

but must try to get fit,
no matter what,


there will be a futsal match this coming tuesday,
and i am playin' make sure that im not screwing things up ~~~> infront of the staffs
must be well-prepared ~ physically & mentally
*haha...main futsal je pown...

Here some tips... to focus on

1- Cardiovascular Endurance -
More Active
the more cardiovascular fit you are, the healthier your lungs, heart and vascular system is.
Exercises: Jogging, cycling and swimming and aerobics

2- Muscular Strength -More Strength
the ability of the muscles to lift weight
efficiency at Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
Exercises: bench press, push up and bicep curl

3- Muscular Endurance -Strong Body

Exercise: Running, cycling, elliptical machines
as well as repetitive exercise (calisthenics)

4- Flexibility -Free Movements

Increased flexibility - decreased risk of injuries
Exercises: Yoga, Pilates and Stretching exercise

5- Body Composition – Perfect Body Shape
Improving the first three components of fitness - +ve impact on body composition

Exercises: Underwater weighing is the most accurate way to test body fat.

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